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Laurent Gauthier Laurent Gauthier Laurent Gauthier Laurent Gauthier Laurent Gauthier Laurent Gauthier

“As artisan winemaker, I consider myself an ambassador of French culture. From generation to generation since 1834, my family has perpetuated this expertise and we have preserved a natural respect of our Crus with great finesse.”

Laurent Gauthier

I consider myself very lucky to live here in Morgon, where I was born and I want to keep this authentic spirit that I express through my wines to ensure the sustainability of the area. I do not hesitate to break my back to be closer to my vines, firmly rooted in soil rich in history and tradition. The pride I hold today grew over time and a unique know-how that I’ve refined year after year with the lessons that nature has given me.

I like to adapt to the geology of my land, a bit like a painter with his palette of colors who projects his individuality through his work! Like an Epicurean the composition of a wine for me is like a special meal or a dish and in both cases I look for finesse, balance and emotion of the taster. The only difference is that for wine I don’t have a lot of ingredients, just one: Gamay Noir, which is expressed differently according to its terroir!

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Retrouvez-moi au salon Bien Boire en Beaujolais !

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